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Will a GA Bankruptcy Affect Your Spouse?


A great attorney will tell you that if you choose to file bankruptcy in GA, as long as your spouse isn’t legally linked to your debts, the spouse's credit score won't take a hit.

Marriage and bankruptcy are a complicated mix. Before you being filing bankruptcy make a list of your debts and have a calm, honest discussion about it with your spouse. This is a good time to inquire if they recall signing anything that would make them responsible for any part of the GA bankruptcy. Get credit reports for you both, then set them side-by-side for any discrepancies or unpleasant surprises.

The three major credit bureaus are:

  1. Experian
  2. Transunion
  3. Equifax

In reference to bankruptcy and marriage pertaining to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you can make use of specific legal means to save your spouse from being either sued or garnished. Gaining this kind of protection for the cosigner/spouse involved in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy works by paying the balance outlined in the plan. Though, their credit score may still take a hit. A Conyers GA bankruptcy attorney can explain all this in better detail with one visit or phone call.

There is a chance your filing for GA bankruptcy won't interfere with your spouse's credit score. However, the spouse's income will have some sway over whether or not you'll be able to file at all. It's standard practice that your spouse's income will be factored into the means test which is used to approve or decline a GA bankruptcy filing.

Enormous debt has long been a reason couples have heated arguments or even divorce. Contact a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney today that has years of experience in getting their clients the best outcome in court. The right guide can make the journey much easier.

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