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Stop Repo Defense Lawyer

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If your creditor has threatened to repossess your car, it can be very stressful. Although creditors usually wait until your payment is at least three months late before they bring in any repo agents, many will choose to begin repossession actions with only one late payment. It is very important to contact a College Park repossession attorney immediately if you are late on a payment or suspect that your car is at risk for repossession.

Actions that a repossession agent can take include:

  • Taking your car from the gas station
  • Taking your car from outside your house
  • Taking your car while you're at work

Discuss ways to protect your car from repossession. Call our firm to request a free case consult immediately.

Stopping Repossessions via Bankruptcy

Repo agents can be very sneaky and you may not see them coming. The best way to stop them from repossessing your car is to take preventative action. One such action is filing for bankruptcy with the help of one of our experienced Stockbridge bankruptcy attorneys.

Although bankruptcy can seem like a last resort choice, it may actually bring about incredible relief and a number of benefits to you and your family.

Here's how hiring a lawyer and filing for bankruptcy can protect your car:

  • Repossessions and Foreclosures can't move forward. When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect which makes creditors unable to move forward with any repossessions or foreclosure actions.
  • Your attorney will help you with all the paperwork. Our firm can help you move forward with all the necessary bankruptcy paperwork and file it with the appropriate bankruptcy court.
  • You pay your filing fees and meet with creditors. Our lawyers can represent you during all your meetings to negotiate debt relief solutions and deal with them so you don't have to. We can also protect you from any further creditor harassment or repossession actions.
  • Your debts are discharged or a repayment plan is created. By the end of the process, you will know exactly what debts you must repay and which debts will be discharged. Most clients are able to keep both their houses and their cars.

Speak with our firm to learn what you can expect from filing bankruptcy, including what debts you can liquidate and which debts must be repaid. Also, find out if you are eligible to keep your possessions.

Free Consultation with a College Park Bankruptcy Attorney

We look forward to providing you with more information about your options and to giving you the chance to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right step for you and your family. Schedule a free case review to discuss your debt relief options. This review is completely free and we provide this at no cost and no obligation to potential clients.

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