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Ending Wage Garnishment in College Park & Stockbridge

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When you fall into serious debt, there are many things that creditors can do to collect get the money they are owed. One of these methods is garnishing your wages. Unfortunately, when they take money out of your paycheck, it makes it harder for you to pay your bills and debt. It is a vicious cycle that can add up more debt and lead to a worse financial situation. Stop the downward spiral of debt and retain the services of a skilled College Park & Stockbridge bankruptcy lawyer. You may want to consider filing for bankruptcy to get your life back on track. Our team here at The Bankruptcy Law Group LLC can help you determine the right chapter and file it on your behalf.

There are a number of ways that filing for bankruptcy can relieve debt, including:

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Can a Lawyer Stop Wage Garnishment?

Working with an experienced lawyer gives you the best chance of stopping a wage garnishment. It is true that you do not necessarily need one when negotiating a settlement, however, attorneys have a greater understanding of procedures and the options you have available when it comes to your circumstances. With a lawyer, you have a greater chance of achieving the outcome you want with your creditor.

Can Wages Be Garnished Without Notification?

There are three important things to know when your wage has been garnished:

  • Your employee is usually required by law to respond quickly to a wage garnishment notice. That can mean you may not receive a notice when your employer has to act quickly and take money from your paycheck.
  • State laws do not require employers to notify employees. They are also not required to give you a period of time to dispute the debt or garnishment. They should provide you a copy of the notice, out of courtesy.
  • You generally can’t be first because of a single garnishment, but if it is constant there is a possibility you may lose your job. If you are facing garnishment from more than one creditor, you should talk to a bankruptcy attorney to possibly save your job!

Can My Wages be Garnished Without Going to Court?

Your wages may be garnished without going to court in certain situations.

These creditors do not need a judgment:

  • The IRS or state tax authority
  • People or agencies, for example, if you owe child support or alimony
  • Student loan debt collectors
Even though court judgments are not needed, they are required to notify you that your wages will be garnished and provide you with time to object the order before it begins.

How Can Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment?

The reason that creditors cease all attempts at debt collection (and direct contact with you) when you file for bankruptcy, is because a court order is issued after petitioning for bankruptcy. This is called "the order of relief" with a clause called "automatic stay" that stops all wage garnishments.

In some situations, you may even have past garnished wages returned to you. As you can see, there are many benefits of filing for bankruptcy. This solution can give you and your family more time to figure out your finances and work towards an effective solution to get rid of your debt.

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