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What Kind of Bankruptcy Should I File?


Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers know that it isn’t easy to decide whether or not to file for debt relief through the court, and it shouldn’t be. Filing for bankruptcy in GA has become tougher in recent years due to the growing number of individuals and business owners using this method of debt relief to resolve financial issues. Yet, there are new rules and guidelines instituted every year to help many get a better outcome in their case.

We put our priority on simply getting you everything you deserve. To do that, we need to hear your case so that we might help guide you with a kind, intelligent hand.

If you are ready to file for bankruptcy in GA, there are 2 kinds considered the most common:

  1. Chapter 7 is the number one choice, but quite different for an individual for than a business owner. Through this popular process, persons can be relieved from their debts typically within three months while keeping some of their property. Yet, clients should first consult with their Conyers GA bankruptcy lawyers in every detail about their property before filing in court. When a business owner goes to bat with a Chapter 7 filing, however, his or her property/assets would surely be completely liquidated to settle all outstanding debts.
  2. Chapter 13 permits GA residents who still maintain a standard, stable job to preserve rights of their property/material assets as long as they assign a fraction of future wages to repaying creditors. The amount to be repaid, and the time frame it is dispensed, is decided upon by the value of the debtor’s overall material worth, but don't exclude their current earnings and monthly bills. It is not unusual for a repayment plan such as this to take anywhere from four to six years.

Before you file bankruptcy in GA, ask friends and family who they have enlisted to help them in the good fight. Do not feel like you're alone as so many in this country face the same difficult decisions in front of you. There is a team of Conyers bankruptcy lawyers ready right now to take up your cause and fight to get you the best results possible. The best piece of advice is to pick up the phone now before any more time is lost.

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