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Are You Being Harassed By Your Creditors? What Should You Do?


No one likes to get behind on their bills. It is embarrassing and it puts an enormous amount of strain on the person trying to make good on their debts. So, when you pile Creditor Harassment on top of that, it can quickly put you in a no-win situation.

Creditor Harassment is not just limited to annoying phone calls and bullying letters. In fact, compared to some creditor tactics, those are somewhat benign. Creditor Harassment can take the form of:

  • Coming to your place of business to pressure you into payment through humiliation. This is not a wise choice for creditors because it may lead to you losing your job and putting you even farther away from possible repayment. If it comes to this, you need the assistance of a Conyers GA Bankruptcy Attorney to protect your rights.
  • Phones calls at inopportune times. Creditors will try this for two reasons. By calling very late or very early, they will increase the chance of getting you to answer. Plus, they make themselves so annoying; you want to pay them as soon as possible so that you will never have to hear from them again.
  • Trying to embarrass you by contacting your friends, neighbors and family. This frequently happens when a person has quit taking calls from their creditor.
  • Giving you misleading information. Many creditors will try to convince you that you are in violation of the law or in danger of going to jail. Most of the time it is not true and it is just another form of intimidation.

Keep in mind that a Conyers GA Bankruptcy Attorney can stop most of these attempts cold. Once you inform your creditor you have an attorney, they are required to speak with them instead. Plus, if they don't desist, your attorney can take legal action.

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