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Which Debts can be discharged in Bankruptcy?


Our bankruptcy attorneys at The Bankruptcy Law Group have the experience to get you through any personal bankruptcy filing. One question we are often asked about GA bankruptcy is, “What debts can be discharged in a personal bankruptcy filing?”

A short list of debts that can be discharged through GA bankruptcy includes:

  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured loans
  • Car, truck, or other vehicle repossessions
  • Deficiency balances
  • Various auto accidents.
  • Material supplier debts
  • Bills due to medical expenses
  • Lawsuits and judgments
  • Evictions
  • Unpaid rent
  • Unpaid utility bills.
  • Balances on foreclosures

Here is some insight on how our bankruptcy attorneys can help you with these bills:

  • Credit card/unsecured loans: This is by far the most commonly sought after debt relief in GA bankruptcy. These include:
    • Department store cards
    • Personal loans from a credit union, banks or other financial institutions
    • Payday loans
    • Gas cards

Yet, it should be noted that an egregious amount credit card spending done in the months before a GA bankruptcy filing could throw a monkey wrench in discharging debt. In this scenario, the creditor could dispute your appeal to abolish the whole balance by insinuating you had no plans to pay the credit card companies back.

  • Repossessions: our attorneys know all the ins-and-outs about car repossession as well. If you hand over the keys to the car or it's repossessed outright, the lender will sell the car, truck, or motorcycle for as much as possible then send you a bill you for the remaining debt. The remaining debt is known as a deficiency balance. GA bankruptcy states that the deficiency balance may be eliminated through the proper legal channels.
  • Car Accident Expenses: In most cases, GA bankruptcy allows you to erase all debt that resulted from an auto accident. This includes the injuries caused to another person even if you were at fault. The obvious loophole here is if the accident was caused by you while under the influence of narcotics and/or alcohol. Also if you willfully caused damage to another by using your vehicle as a weapon, that cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy.
  • Materials and Suppliers: Discharging debts in regards to materials to their original suppliers can be a personal matter. GA bankruptcy can eliminate the debt owed to those who sell you materials ( let's say if you were a contractor purchasing lumber, nails, and other building goods from a local supplier).
  • Medical Bills: Medical bills are another popular topic in GA bankruptcy. It is possible that medical expenses be eliminated when associated with:
    • A hospital visit
    • Longer hospital stays
    • Future doctor visits
    • Ambulance services

Yet, an intelligent Stockbridge GA attorney is prepared for the chance the hospital may attempt to push a lawsuit or judgment stemming from your medical emergency. These lawsuits or judgments are consequence of creditors/collection agencies suing for the money owed from your care. In a majority of cases, an attorney well versed in GA bankruptcy can wipe clean a lawsuit after it has started and toss out the judgment that stemmed from it.

  • Utility Bills: When it comes to discharging debts related to evictions, it's possible to have the court eliminate the debt. The same goes for outstanding utility bills, however, in the event you try to reconnect service in the future, it could come with a heft deposit that will not help your current financial situation
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