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What is an automatic stay in bankruptcy?


The automatic stay is a powerful tool for people that are having financial trouble and it is the primary reason to file for bankruptcy. It can put a halt to almost any collection activity being used by a creditor, collection agency or even a governmental agency.

The Most Common Issues That Can Be Remedied By An Automatic Stay Are:

  • Foreclosure - An automatic stay can stop foreclosure for the duration of your bankruptcy proceeding. To find out which type of bankruptcy will help you to retain your home; you should talk with a Stockbridge GA Bankruptcy Attorney.
  • Eviction - With the new changes in bankruptcy law the automatic stay will only gain you a few days or possibly weeks. It depends on what stage of the eviction that you are in and if they allege you have been doing something illegal on the premises.
  • Garnishment of wages - The automatic stay will put a stop to any wage garnishment even if you have multiple counts against you. You will be able to take home your full pay and probably discharge the debt during your bankruptcy.
  • Disconnection of utilities - If you are being threatened with the disconnection of your utilities then an automatic stay will give you around 20 days of breathing room. It may not sound like much but it makes a difference in the dead of winter.

If you are at risk of foreclosure, eviction, wage garnishment, or loss of utilities then you should consult a Stockbridge GA Bankruptcy Attorney. Discuss filing for bankruptcy so an automatic stay can be put into effect.

There Are A Few Things An Automatic Stay Can't Help You With:

  • Support actions
  • Loans from pensions
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Some tax proceedings
  • Multiple bankruptcy filings

An automatic stay is beneficial to anyone that is facing losing their home or car. Filing for bankruptcy can immediately stop these actions when the automatic stay is put into place. Call The Bankruptcy Law Group in Stockbridge, GA today (770) 474-4779 to find out more about bankruptcy and to schedule your free consultation.

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