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4 Facts about Bankruptcy and Divorce


Bankruptcy and divorce are two words that never seem to settle in the same sentence peacefully…

To help you get a better idea of how you wish to proceed with a bankruptcy and divorce case, we’ve provided a short list that includes several facts that one of our bankruptcy attorneys will spell out for you in a free consultation. This is especially useful if you're filing for bankruptcy while also staring down the barrel of divorce as well.

New laws in GA have been made that make it harder navigate the legal system alone. When you add the separation of debt between a couple in the throes of divorce, the emotional turmoil increases the need for a quality bankruptcy attorney to step in.

Listed here are 4 facts about bankruptcy and divorce:

  1. It's an excellent notion to file bankruptcy in GA before divorce. This simply makes the divorce process easier on both parties. It's a major part of the usual discord removed from the equation.
  2. If you two go ahead and get the bankruptcy issues dealt with before the divorce proceedings, it makes it much clearer what cash remains for such things as alimony and/or child support.
  3. There is a process both parties can use that outlines, if divorce is filed before bankruptcy, that each is responsible for the debt they racked up during marriage.
  4. Keep your cool. Whether in mediation or court for bankruptcy/divorce, don't allow emotions to stall what could be a fast end to a long war.

Of course there are far more than these four suggestions to go over to cover all the bases before stepping into a courtroom. The important parts are to be level-headed and honest with your bankruptcy attorney you enlist to walk with you into the battle. No one likes to deal with one, much less both, so make sure you call the best in the business who can get the best possible results in bankruptcy.

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