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    • 4 Bankruptcy Myths and Why They're Wrong

      Bankruptcy provides individuals facing insurmountable debt and financial uncertainty with the legal pathways they need to address their debt issues and pursue a brighter financial future. Because it ...

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    • Learn More About GA’s Homestead Exemption

      The Georgia Homestead Exemption is something that most people have heard about but few really understand. It is basically a legal way to protect some of the value of your home from taxes and ...

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    • Can I File for Bankruptcy if I don’t Have A Job?

      One of the most common reasons for someone filing for bankruptcy is the loss of a job. So, you can definitely file for bankruptcy if you don't have a job but whether or not the bankruptcy will be ...

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    • Are You Being Harassed By Your Creditors? What Should You Do?

      No one likes to get behind on their bills . It is embarrassing and it puts an enormous amount of strain on the person trying to make good on their debts. So, when you pile Creditor Harassment on top ...

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    • Don’t Let Foreclosure Ruin Your New Year

      Now that the bustling of the holidays over, you may have started thinking about your current situation. Foreclosure may be in your immediate future, but The Bankruptcy Law Group could help. Don’t let ...

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    • Don’t Lose Your Home in the August Foreclosure Sale

      Georgia’s foreclosure rates, while on the decline, are still high. Losing your home is devastating, and many families are worried about when they will have to give up their homes to foreclosure. In ...

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    • Fresh Start Episode 6: Car Repossessions

      Check out our latest Fresh Start podcast to learn more about car repossessions!

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    • Fresh Start Episode 5: Payday Loans

      Check out our latest episode of the Fresh Start podcast on payday loans!

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    • Fresh Start Episode 4 (Snippet): Are 401k Loans a Bad Idea

      Here is a snippet of Episode 4 of A Fresh Start Podcast: Are 401k Loans a Bad Idea?

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    • What You Should Know About Stopping Wage Garnishment

      Stop wage garnishment today with a Stockbridge GA bankruptcy attorney that doesn’t let debtors push you around. One of the first lines of attack creditors use is to legally garnish it from your ...

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